Odysseus is a data stream management system and complex event processing system developed at the University Oldenburg and licenses under the Apache 2 License. The system allows the continuously processing of so called data streams (data from an active source) and perform basic relational operations and complex event processing on streams.

Here you find additional features for the Odysseus data stream management system that are not available in the main repository. To add the features to your current Odysseus installation add the URL http://update.kuka.cc/ to the list of Available Software Sites.

Available Software Sites

All features inside this update site come without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


On the following sites you find the documentation of the currently available features at the software site. An overview of all operators and function (including the official ones) are available in the Odysseus cheat sheet (The cheat sheet is automatically generated based on the current loaded bundles and class annotations, not every operator is fully documented).


The Statistic feature provides functions and aggregates to perform common statistical operations on data streams in Odysseus.


The Signal feature provides data types and functions to perform common signal processing operations on a data streams in Odysseus.


The Interval feature provides arbitrary functions to work with intervals in a data stream.


The Polynomial feature provides arbitrary functions to work with polynomials in a data stream.


The Image feature provides basic functions to work with images in data streams.


The Grid feature provides functions and datatypes to build occupancy grids based on sensor data.


The Ontology feature allows the annotation of data stream elements with quality information using the semantic sensor network ontology (SSN-Ontology).


Additional protocol and transport handler to access a wide variety of data sources.

Jasper Protocol Handler

The Jasper protocol handler allows to generate individual reports based on data stream processing results.

WAV Protocol Handler

A protocol handler to parse WAV files.

Audio Transport Handler

Access to microphone and audio output to process audio signals and output processing results.

Printer Transport Handler

The Printer transport handler allows to print the output of your stream processing results on any available printer.

System Transport Handler

The System transport handler allows to use the output of arbitrary system commands as an active source.

SNMP Transport Handler

The SNMP transport handler allows to use Odysseus for network monitoring.

Yahoo Transport Handler

The Yahoo transport handler allows to use the Yahoo Query Language (YQL) as an active source.